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” the impossible for us is possible “

PAF was born in Padova in 1965 as a company specialized in the design, production and installation of industrial air suction and treatment plants. Since the beginning Paf invested significant assets in research and development and thanks to the
continuous collaboration and experimentation with its customers,
it increased its technical expertise up to being acknowledged by firstrate
manufacturing companies.
Through the years Paf has been expanding its products range till
the creation of the “Milling System” and the “DMA Heat Technology”
divisions. Made in Italy | Padova

Through the years Paf has been expanding its products range till the creation of the “Milling System” and the “DMA Heat Technology” divisions.


the real Made in Italy


 From the Sixties we have believed in the power of innovative ideas and the value of each and any associate.

This is the defining trait of our Firm: a passionate approach by esteemed collaborators.

Research & Development for the efficiency of your plant

Know-How dal 1965

24H Post-Sale Assistance on all our products


Customized made solutions for your production processes

Ideas are the foundations of our projects

The real Made in Italy of 50 years of Research and Development

" Customized made solutions "

We develop totally customized projects to improve the efficiency of your production process.

Contact us, we are always ready for new projects!



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