Arched rotating arm grill

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The arched rotating arm grille is made up of a sturdy press-bent sheet metal frame. In the lateral frame, centrally in an axial way, a bearing support is fixed on one side, and a flanged gearmotor unit on the other. A shaft with two sturdy arms rotates inside, at the end of which two combs or cleaning brushes are fixed, which are adjustable both vertically and horizontally to facilitate assembly.
The combs or brushes are cleaned by means of a cleaning comb mounted on self-lubricating bearings with an adjustable piston that regulates the effort both uphill and downhill.
The rotation takes place by means of a gearmotor with adjustable torque limiter, motor power HP 0.50 – IP 55 protection, all with a leading national brand.
On the sturdy frame is fixed the arch-bent grid, made up of 30 x10 calendered plates or with perforated sheet metal. In front of it rests the drain collection basket.
The unique and compact design of the grid provides the customer with the ability to perform assembly and installation in a short time.
The machine can also be supplied with a protective frame.
The machine can be made in AISI 304 or galvanized carbon steel.


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