“Come and go” overhead scraper with suction

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The “Come and Go” bridge with suction system is generally installed in rectangular tanks and allows the solids suspended in the water to settle on the bottom forming a layer of mud. Through the sedimentation process it is possible to separate from the fluid component most of the residual solids which are generally kept in suspension if the basin presents turbulence. In this process, conditions of relative calm are then created so that the sedimentation of materials denser than water takes place. once deposited on the bottom, they are collected and sent to the sludge treatment section or, in the case of secondary sedimentation, can be partially recycled. The floating substances that separate are collected by the supernatant blade. The collected material is sent to the oil separator for the collection of the foams which are discharged into a well and sent for disposal.

  • Tubular truss, complete with grating decking, tubular railing with handrail and foot plate according to current safety standards.
  • Tubular translation heads, complete with cast iron wheels with polyurethane rim, two of which are driving and two are idle. Feedback wheels that run on the vertical walls of the tank.
  • Neoprene rubber bottom scrapers complete with cross-shaped support frames to convey the sludge to the center of the scraper system.
  • Gearmotor for handling the surface ama.
  • Electric power supply with festoon line, complete with joint cover channel, support brackets, cable trolleys, terminal traction traction trolleys, end stop and electric cable.
  • Suction pump with impeller complete with supports. It is installed submerged, for lifting sedimented sludge.
  • Feeding motor: HP 0.5 V. 220/380 IP 55 protection
  • Steel channel parallel to the length of the tank.
  • Foam blade hinged under the deck.
  • Channel for collecting supernatants.


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