Chain scraper



The chain scraper is installed inside rectangular longitudinal flow and flat bottom settlers; the same equipment can be positioned inside flotation tanks, oil separators and separators.
The chain scraper consists of a support structure anchored to the walls of the tank in concrete or steel. The chain scraper is also used in the process of removing sludge and floating substances from the rectangular sedimentation tanks.
The control unit consists of a gearmotor with an IP55 protection degree.
The motion is transmitted to the drive shaft of the machine through a chain movement.
The overload protection is regulated by torque limiters. The scraper consists of a motor shaft and three idle shafts complete with toothed wheels for driving the chains. Neoprene scraping blades with AISI 304 stainless steel support are mounted on the chains.
The operating principle is simple and efficient, in the upper stroke the blades convey the foams towards the skimmer, in the lower stroke they convey the sludge into the collection hopper.
The machine is completed by angles to be fixed to the wall to support the blades in the upper stroke, while rails are anchored to the bottom on which the blades slide with wear-resistant pads.


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