“Come and Go” scraper bridge crane



The “Come and Come” scraper bridge crane is a machine installed on rectangular sedimentation tanks in reinforced concrete, for processing on the longitudinal part of the tank.
Generally the bottom is flat with a collection hopper of the material deposited at the bottom of the tank.
The bridge crane during its outward travel is not in contact with the bottom while the surface blade collects the floating foams and conveys them into a special collection tray.
In the return stroke, on the other hand, the bottom scraping blade carries with it the sedimented solids, sending them into the extraction hopper to be then evacuated by means of the centrifugal pump installed at the bottom of the tank, the surface blade at the same time remains raised and does not intervene in this stage of the process. The deck is equipped with a walking surface with tubular railing made in accordance with current safety standards.
The “Come and Come” overhead crane is equipped with cast iron and polyurethane sliding wheels and feedback wheels on internal walls.
The main components of the machine are:

  • Steel tubular truss and lowered with a sturdy structure for continuous and heavy duty.
  • Walkway gratings on walkway (width 600 mm).
  • Protection parapets according to ENPI standards.
  • Sludge scraper blade, manifolds and rubber pipes.
  • Feed motors (HP 0,5 v 220/380 IP 55 protection)
  • Steel channel parallel to the length of the tank
  • Festooned power supply line complete with supports.


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