Compact auger filter



The feed tank receives the wastewater directly from the tanker through a quick “Perrot” type inlet connection. The connection is complete with a motorized valve that is controlled by a special level control sensor. The wastewater passes through the screen consisting of a semi-cylindrical basket formed by special trapezoidal bars and exits the tank through the outlet. The material deposited on the screen is removed by means of an auger, equipped in the lower part with special cleaning brushes, and conveyed upwards inside a transport tube, complete with a special height-adjustable support.
The auger is keyed by means of a bolted joint to the gearmotor and consists of a series of coils welded together without a central shaft, with different pitches and diameters. The screened material transported by the auger arrives at the top of the compaction area and is finally discharged into a container or into a continuous bag. The water contained in the grating is expelled through appropriate holes and conveyed into the supply tank. The machine is equipped with three individual washing stages using pressurized water, positioned near the filter basket, inside the transport tube and in the compaction area.

    • Feeding tank with “Perrot” type quick inlet connection complete with motorized valve; (Supply on request of electromagnetic flowmeter)
    • Trapezoidal bar filter screen;
    • Pipe for conveying and lifting the screened material;
    • Support column;
    • Gearmotor, flanged directly to the top of the machine, for the transmission of motion to the auger;
    • Coaxial auger keyed to the gearmotor to remove the grating; the coils are made of high-strength steel with a central shaft with constant pitch and diameter;
    • Screening washing system;
    • Compaction area;
    • Discharge section of the grilled material at a height of 1.8 m from the ground floor;
    • Continuous bag bagging device;
    • (Carpentry made of Aisi 304/315 stainless steel – High resistance steel spiral)


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