Continuous catenary grid



The stepped grate is a versatile machine, suitable for any type of system.
The water, passing through the grid inserted in the channel, passes inside the filtering system consisting of specific hard plastic combs specially shaped to hold the grating.
The material that is held by the hook combs is transported towards the upper part of the machine where it is unloaded into special containers or possibly moved to other transport systems.
The “hook” combs are cleaned by a motorized brush system with high pressure water, so that the filtering part returns to the water free from solid particles.

  • Grid frame composed of two sides in carbon steel galvanized or painted with epoxy resins or in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  •  Drive gearmotor for the toothed pinion.
  •  pinion bearing supports and toothed crowns for the operation of the filter belt.
  •  Water jet washing system for the expulsion of solids.
  •  Guides to keep the filter belt in the right direction of advancement.
  •  bearing supports for driving the shaft of the rotating upper brush that allows thorough cleaning of the teeth.
  •  Rubber spatula that removes the solids retained by the rotating brush
  •  Chute that conveys the filtered solids
  • Rubber gaskets that allow sealing on the walls of the duct and inside the filter belt.
  • Lower brush that acts as a barrier through which the tines lift the solids to be grilled.


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