Disc filter with internal screw



The disc filter with internal screw, represents the best and intelligent way to clean water and guarantees efficiency at an excellent cost in the treatment of municipal water, industrial water and waste water.
The water to be treated flows by gravity inside the central drum of the filter which channels the water into the discs.
The flat cloths present in each disc retain the solids and pour them into the collection hopper with an extractor screw installed centrally in the tank, letting the water pass through the filters. The filter panels in AISI 304 L offer a long life to the system and better cleaning in the backwash phase, compared to those in hard plastic found in most disc filters currently on the market. The project makes it possible to transport the fully assembled and tested filter, ready for installation.

  • Containment tank in carbon steel painted with epoxy treatment;
  • Mac mod. Filter cloth in segments in AISI 304 L;
  • Discs in AISI 304L for filter cloth support;
  • Backwash nozzles;
  • Solids extraction screw in AISI 304 L;
  • Pump for backwashing discs;
  • Electrical panel on board the machine;
  • Level sensor;
  • Gearmotor for handling discs with inverter;
  • Gearmotor for extractor screw.


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