Draining bag system



The triangular rotating carpet filter is suitable for water treatment where the solid content is made up of minute material and small debris. It is particularly suitable in cases of large level excursions. In the carpet filter, the filtering mesh is made up of a stainless steel strip with a particular profile with a passage opening of sox2 mm or 5Dx4 mm, depending on the filtration requirement.
With the filter immersed, the water to be filtered passes through the carpet from the outside to the inside by gravity, leaving the retained material on the surface, which is then removed by backwashing. The machine is operated electromechanically through the use of a gearmotor unit that acts on a traction drum and a return drum.
The machine consists of a supporting structure in metal carpentry (AISI 304/316) in the upper part of which a distribution tank fed through a loading nozzle is inserted; in the lower part of the tank there are installed sack-holder trunks on which the draining polyester bags are applied by means of collars. The filtered water is collected and removed through a bottom channel complete with threaded sleeve; the machine can be equipped with closing panels. The bags can be positioned in line or in two parallel rows according to need or available space. The machine can also be produced in the automatic version.


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