Hot air volcanization lines – radiation



L’esclusiva linea DMA per Gomma e Silicone è un tunnel ad altissima efficienza con flusso di aria calda in combinazione con un sistema ad irraggiamento. This particular heat transfer technology allows to achieve unparalleled performances in the market.

  • Modular length from 5 meters
  • Alarm system in case of tape break
  • Management and multiple temperature settings in independent mode along the tunnel
  • Total inspection of the tunnel for internal cleaning operations through automatic opening doors
  • Settable temperatures up to 450 ° C
  • Production speed up to 50 m / min
  • Air cooling system integrated in the lower part of the line
  • Automatic tensioning system of the furnace belts and the profile exiting the line
  • Internal fumes exhaust system
  • Automatic detection and archiving of consumptions related to the production batch carried out through an advanced software system
  • High performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Very high reliability


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