Hydraulic grid



The hydraulic grid has the purpose of intercepting and eliminating the large solids that it intercepts inside the channel on which it is installed. Any large debris could modify or damage the purification processes and plant equipment, even obstruct the pipes.
The hydraulic grid is specially designed for the coarse screening of sewage entering the plant.
The degree of filtration is chosen by the customer according to the type and quantity of material required.
Through the filtering grid consisting of fixed bars positioned at the bottom of the machine, it is able to block suspended bodies (larger than the filtration opening), lift them out of the water flow, by means of the cleaning combs, and convey them to the drain, positioned in the upper part of the grid. The materials  at the unloading point encounter a cleaning counter-comb cleaning system which causes the screened material to fall into special collectors (conveyor belt, screw conveyor, bags etc.).

  1. Frame: load-bearing structure of the screening system made up of press-bent steel sheet. Sliding guides for the combs support are applied to the frame, the latter are made up of skids made of high molecular weight polyethylene plastic to allow a good sliding fluidity.
  2. Comb Support: made of steel, consisting of a section structure and specially designed to ensure normal operation of the machine and effective removal of the material from the filtering grid.
  3. Counter-comb blade: the structure is made of steel profiles, while the blade is made of high molecular weight polyethylene to ensure correct contact between the blade and the combs. The blade, sliding on the upper surface of the comb, allows the removal of the material collected by the comb itself.
  4. Filtering grid: made with a specific diameter steel tube. Designed to ensure perfect removal of the material to be grilled and minimize the incidence of breakage of the filtering part.
  5. Discharge: thanks to the chute made of cold pressed steel sheet. The screened material that has been transported by the comb is unloaded into special containers.
  6. Hydraulic cylinders: the main cylinder ensures the correct vertical movement of the comb system, while the cylinders positioned on the comb itself allow the insertion of the teeth between the bars of the filtering grid.
  7. Hydraulic power unit: complete with accessories for handling the hydraulic cylinders.
  8. Electric command and control panel: designed with PLC on board the machine and complete with accessories for moving the grid in both automatic and manual mode.
  9. Safety devices: the hydraulic grid is equipped with palm buttons to interrupt the movement mechanism in the event of an emergency. This particular caution contributes to the safety of the operators and to prevent possible breakdowns of the system.


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