Inclined auger filter



The inclined screw filter is a very versatile machine since it can be built with different possibilities of interchangeable light filtering, depending on the material to be treated.
It is a very solid purifying machine: built entirely in 304/316 stainless steel, it consists of a sturdy frame in Aisi 304 tube, a hopper and an auger sized according to the flow rate of the channel. Among the benefits offered by this product, the high separation and dehydration capacity of the screenings and reduced maintenance.
The wastewater is conducted by the channel inside the auger filter where the residues are retained and the purified water escapes through the spacings of the filtering system.
The residues are collected by a rotating arm with a fixed comb or mobile comb brush while the drum rotates on itself and is then discharged into a hopper housing the auger, which transports them to the surface.
Thanks to the compacting action of the screw, the material comes out completely dehydrated.


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