Plant for preparing and dosing the milk of lime



The plant for preparing and dosing the milk of lime is composed of: 

• Micro-doser with fixed flow rate, complete with vertical discharge and dust suppression hood. 

• Support structure complete with ladder and landing with accident prevention protection to access the manual lime discharge.

Silo is composed of: 

• Tank: sized according to the useful volume of material it must contain, the tank consists of a cylindrical part and a frusto-conical terminal part. The cylindrical part is the result of the constructive assembly of several carbon steel sheet ferrules, welded together and reinforced by hot rolled steel profiles. The truncated cone part is made of steel sheets welded together. upon specific request of the customer, protective treatments against the action of external agents can be performed on the external surface of the silo.

• Load-bearing structure of the tank: consisting of a series of sections suitably sized to withstand the maximum load and with a safety factor of 2. During the installation phase, the possible creation of additional bracing to guarantee the exact degree of rigidity can be envisaged of the structure.

  • Filtering system: composed of a series of replaceable polyethylene cartridges and a mechanical vibration cleaning system, it includes an AISI 304 steel cylinder with flange connection on the tank and a hat to protect against rain.
  • Pressure valve: is a mechanical device that opens automatically when the internal pressure of the silo exceeds the calibration values.
  • Level indication: electromechanical pallet device that indicates the minimum and maximum threshold of the product contained in the silo.
  • Anti-packing fluidification unit: this is a series of air ducts equipped with special diffusers. The unit is fixed on the truncated part and is complete with air compressor.
  • Ladder and parapet: structures that facilitate the use of the plant to operators, built according to current safety standards, are made of welded steel profiles.


The Silo is an efficient system that fulfils the function of lime storage. By means of the flexible loading tube, the portable tank attaches its tank to the fixed load tube of the silo and operates the delivery thruster. During the loading phase of the silo, the air replaced by the introduced material is expelled through the upper cartridge filter that retains its solid parts. A series of level indicators, placed on the silo and connected to the general electrical panel, feed the lights that light up when the material increasing in level closes the contact, signalling from time to time the state of filling of the silo (Empty/ Medium loading/loading). When the “Load” warning lamp is activated, the thruster switches off and releases the hose. To use the loaded material just open the butterfly valve (operation that can also take place in automatic mode) placed at the bottom of the cone, letting out the necessary amount of material. Following a transport AUGER, fixed to the silo, conveys the material inside the DISSOLUTOR.


The machinery consists essentially of:

  • Cylindrical tank made of 2.5 mm thick sheet metal reinforced in critical points through the use of handkerchiefs of sheet metal.
  • Hopper: performs the lime loading function. It is made of sheet metal 3 mm thick, cold bent and welded.
  • Agitator group: Provides
  • Worm type gear motor
  • AISI 304 shaft and propeller with inclined wings. The shaft is supported on the midline by a specific support and on the upper end by the gear motor.

Details of the dissolutor:

  • Hatch located on the top, fixed with bolts.
  • Lime milk delivery nozzle with sleeve
  • Loading nozzle
  • Product pick-up nozzle ON 50
  • Nozzle for product recirculation ON 50
  • Bottom drain nozzle ON 50
  • “Overflow” spout ON 50
  • Dilution water inlet nozzle ON 50
  • Level indicator complete with level switches (with 3 contacts) Max. Level and Min. 


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