Pneumatic transport in suction

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Nel trasporto pneumatico in aspirazione, la pompa o unità aspirante crea una depressione all’interno della linea di trasporto in grado di generare un flusso d’aria che trasporta il prodotto. The depression created by the suction unit must be such as to produce the amount of air and the prevalence necessary for the transport of the material, which is affected by the characteristics of smoothness, grain size, specific weight and the physical characteristics of the transport line.

The elements that make up the pneumatic suction systems are generally:

  • Connection pipes with flanges or with sleeve joints, in painted steel or stainless steel
  • Progressive diameter manifolds
  • Pneumatic aspirations with product starting hoppers with air intakes recordable
  • Settling cyclones
  • Star valves
  • High pressure blower or lobe pumps


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