Post curing ovens

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The “MIG” oven is an oven suitable for various purposes including Post-Curing. The uniqueness of construction, the heating and ventilation system, the management of the air flows inside the oven, the uniformity of temperature, make the “MIG” the top of the range of its kind. The dimensions are fully customizable, the heating can use different types of sources such as electricity, natural gas or LPG, diesel and diathermic oil, the temperature of use can be up to 300 ° C. The management of the thermal cycle takes place in a fully automatic mode, the certification of temperature measurements and its filing in electronic format also favor its use for the production of products intended for food use.

  • Dimensions according to customer specifications
  • Loading trolleys included
  • Temperature management in automatic mode
  • Total inspectionability and ease of maintenance
  • Automatic inversion system of airflows
  • Temperature settable up to 300 ° C
  • Internal fumes exhaust system
  • High performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Automatic detection and storage of consumption
  • Very high reliability


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