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The Rotating Drum Filter is an electrically operated machine, used to eliminate the accumulated material from flow channels or water collection basins.
The machine consists of a fine mesh metal mesh (fixed on the entire circumference of the drum), a rotating cylindrical structure supported by four legs fixed to the reinforced concrete insole and a spray cleaning system that removes waste material which is deposited in the mesh of the wire mesh. A gearmotor transmits the movement to the crown engaged on a special roller system positioned along the perimeter of the filter. This special mechanism allows greater reliability and less wear of the mechanical parts than the usual chain transmission.
The waste material is discharged, through a hopper, into a recovery pit. The canvas backwashing system is composed of special water jet nozzles to maintain the efficiency and cleanliness of the canvas. A pump inside the tank ensures the water needed for the washing system. The machine can operate in both “automatic” and “manual” mode; in both cases, the limit switch system is active which causes it to stop in the event of an emergency.
Optional equipment:
If required by the specific needs of the customer, the machine can be supplied complete with an electrical panel for carrying out the operations and / or a stainless steel containment tank.

  • Rotating drum (horizontal axis) built in suitably sized sections, coupled with a crown □ in toothed cast iron, fixed by means of calibrated bolts.
  • Filter panels consisting of a profile frame and a special mesh net, both in stainless steel.
  • Frame made of profiles a and of support, ring to be walled in.
  • Central axis of rotation in thick steel tube 40 closed at the ends, which contains the fixed channel for feeding the washing ramp.
  • Anti-friction bushings lubricated by a greasing circuit operated by a manual pump.
  • Washing system with water pump.


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