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This model of filter is used to eliminate entrained solid bodies from the waste water upstream of their treatment. The filter is entirely made of AISI 304L stainless steel.
The heart of the machine consists of a filtering drum with an interchangeable filtering port according to the type of material to be treated. Together with the drum rotates, on the central axis, the auger that collects the material transporting it to the outside, dry. The wastewater inlet system and the removal mechanics allow the filter to be fed with drains of any type and size, without affecting its operation thanks to the self-cleaning mechanism. As it passes through the drum, in fact, the liquid cleans any clogged cracks. A backwash equipped with a boost pump is installed outside the filter. The rotation is impressed by a gearmotor assembled with a toothed crown on a chain, suitably calculated and sized.
The filter comprises a tubular drum whose surface is equipped with a series of calibrated filter holes.
The drum rotates on an inclined axis. still inside the drum, a rotating auger cooperating with a fixed one that contains the lower part is coaxially arranged. The fixed cradle has a surface equipped with calibrated filter holes. The rotating auger cooperates with the fixed cradle to transport the material that falls from the scraper towards an end discharge. The appliance is equipped with an “overflow” system.


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