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The screw compactor facilitates the resolution of the problems of compaction of the residues of the screening phase. Applied in combination with the inlet screen of a purification plant, it effectively reduces the volumes of screened materials, saving space and consequently storage and transport costs.
The compaction takes place in two phases: in the first part of the machine there is a reduction in volume due to the decreasing pitch of the auger, in the second part through the counter pressure given by the final conical and cylindrical end.
The auger works in a shell with axial spacings built with high-strength steel profiles of suitable shape to favor the draining of the liquid part. A washing nozzle system allows cleaning of the liquid part separation area.
The machine offers a remarkable degree of compaction that can reach up to 70% of the initial volume and a volume reduction with a ratio of 1: 7. The characteristic helical processing of the compact allows a more effective draining than traditional systems with intermittent hydraulic piston.
The final part of conical / cylindrical compaction also has the possibility of being easily disassembled, this allows faster maintenance interventions and the possibility of increasing or decreasing the desired degree of compaction.


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