Standard 4-sided watertight gate with manual or motorized movement



This model of gate, installed frontally with respect to a hole in the wall, has Epdm sealing rubber (with musical note section) on all sides of the shield in order to completely prevent the passage of water and support greater hydraulic loads.

  • Frame: built in cold pressed sheet metal.
  • Shield: made of sheet steel, with horizontal and vertical reinforcements in press-bent sheet metal.
  • The rubber seals are installed in such a way as to ensure easy access for any maintenance.
  • Rising screw: bronze screw with trapezoidal metric thread.
  •  Effort reducer: Transmits motion by coupling to bevel gear wheels equipped with thrust bearings and bronze nut. a thick support plate is mounted on the frame.
  • Manual maneuvering handwheel: It can have different diameters according to the size of the gate.
  • Actuator: electric multi-turn designed and sized for specific use and equipped with limit switches and torque limiters.
  • Rod cover: Protection tube of the rising operating screw.
  • Maneuvering column.
  • Wedges for crushing seals.


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