Excellence of Made in Italy

PAF group was founded in 1965 in Padua, as a company specialized in the design of suction and air treatment systems.

Over the years PAF has widened its business creating two different divisions: the DMA Heat Technology (Industrial furnaces for heat treatments ) and the MILLING SYSTEM (Mills / Feed mills) entering the food industry with its own systems.

PAF develops its own know-how in the mills/feed mills thanks to the in-house technical department, the skills of its collaborators and the constant investments in R&D that give the group the chance to be recognized and valued in Italy and abroad.

PAF assists its customers by providing the technical structure from the basic single-line design to the final layout development of the systems that will be supplied.

The systems are designed and built together with the customer. The Company internally produces all the components of the supply chain from the reception and storage of the products to the cleaning and grinding, to the mixing and bagging.

PAF group offers a turnkey service supporting its customers since the automation phase. All the elements are high quality materials, and that allows the company to proudly enhance Made In Italy all over the world.

This aspect is also amplified because Paf recommends the support of its own mechanical and electrical technical staff (at least as a supervisor), for installations, final tests and above all for subsequent and scheduled service.

In designing the feed mills, PAF considers some aspects that its technicians have developed in depth to be fundamental. The first concerns the cleaning of the proposed systems: the arrangement of the various machines and the obsessive care of the layout are designed to avoid product deposit, the origin of bacteriological infestations. The second aspect concerns the punctual energy efficiency of the entire electrical part with the use of cutting-edge technologies; in addition, specialists within the Paf support the customers for compliance with safety regulations and Atex directives.

In the field of mixing, Paf has developed a metering system, precise to the gram, of the recipes ingredients that allows the customers to offer the market feed a superior quality and prestige of their products.

Paf Group has a multilingual Technical & Sales Department in order to be ready and efficient for any customer request.

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