Archimedes screw water lifting auger



The Archimedes screw auger is a machine made up of a trough box with a spiral shaft made from a tube. At the ends there are discs for fixing the pins, on one side the idle pin and on the other the pin for coupling to the gearmotor.
The screw coils are welded to the tube continuously on both sides. The idler pin is welded to the shaft and encased in a housing made with an orientable roller thrust bearing. The motor pin, also welded to the spiral shaft, will couple to the gearmotor. The control unit consists of a parallel axis gearmotor support, complete with an elastic coupling suitable for coupling to the shaft with a spiral. on the upper part of the reducer there is an adjustable saddle with the electric motor coupled to the reducer by means of a belt. The whole unit is mounted on a suitably barbed frame for parallelism between the support and the reduction gear.


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