Central traction sludge thickener



The machine consists mainly of:

  • Fixed bridge in steel profiles equipped with a pedestrian walkway complete with parapet, handrail and footboard in galvanized steel or on request in reinforced concrete.
  • Control head consisting of a worm gear motor and a planetary gear motor, whose slow shaft directly drives the central shaft of the machine through a flanged connection. The whole unit is lubricated with grease and oil through suitable grease nipples. The engine blocking system is made with an electrical signal from an amperometric relay mounted on the panel.
  • Shaft in mechanical tube of considerable thickness with flanged connection.
  • Rotating steel arms connected by rigid attachment to the drive shaft equipped with tie rods, bracing and thickening prongs.
  • Convoy blades inclined by 30 ° with interfering and staggered trajectories. These blades are adjustable along the vertical axis by manual operation.
  • Central conveyor for sludge discharge.
  • The whole system is supported by the base bearing and is guided at the lower level by a water lubricated bushing.


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