Disc filter



The water to be treated flows by gravity; the filter is installed semi-submerged, for about 60% of the diameter, within a special containment tank made of concrete or stainless steel. The filtering system is made up of a series of multiple discs with two distinct sides, on which special panels complete with filtering cloth are mounted.
The water containing the suspended particles enters directly into the central slotted cylinder, continues internally in the discs, passes through the filter panels from the inside towards the outside, depositing the solid bodies on the cloth, and finally flows out into the filter containment tank and then towards the exit weir.
During normal operation there are no moving parts and therefore no wear and energy consumption. The progressive clogging of the filtering cloth reduces its permeability with consequent raising of the water level upstream of the filter, until a sensor is reached that automatically controls the cleaning phase. The gearmotor activates the rotation of the discs and at the same time a centrifugal pump is started which feeds a manifold equipped with nozzles. The nozzles spray filtered water on the external surface of the panels that are momentarily out of the water, thus removing the solids retained by the filter cloth. The rotation of the discs allows the complete cleaning of the filter elements in a very short time. a special channel placed inside the cylinder collects the backwashing water and conveys it by gravity to the outside of the filter. The cleaning operation involves lowering the level upstream of the filter until another sensor is reached, which controls the stop of the backwash pump and rotation of the filter. The cycle is repeated again when the maximum level sensor is reached, without ever interrupting the normal flow.
The minimi gravity feed reduces energy absorption consumption, the new design developed for the machine also allows the transport of the filter already completed assembled in standard modules and tested, ready for quick installation and low costs. The patented mechanical backwashing system offers better cleaning of the filter cloths, an intelligent use of water (20% less) and less wear on the panels; the new configuration of the high pressure backwash nozzles also allows to reduce the length of the filter, the installation cost and the overall dimensions


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