Inclined screw conveyors



The machine is essentially composed of:

  • Loading mouth with hopper
  • Discharge spillway
  • Rotor with reinforcement welded metal rod
  • Support feet, complete with support
  • Variable power gearmotor based on the material to be extracted and the inclination.

The extracted material is deposited in a container and / or in a reinforced concrete pad and then lifted and conveyed to the landfill with normal trucks. The auger elevator allows to obtain, in addition to an efficient removal of the water sands, also a considerable thickening of the same which drains during the ascent path of the auger, allowing the water to drain. It is foreseen the insertion, between the screw and the channel, of a duct in anti-wear polyzene that protects ferrous materials from erosion, ensuring a long life for the system.


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