Sectored hydraulic gate



The hydraulic sector gate with self-regulation of the upstream or downstream level is specially designed for reclamation consortia, its function is to keep the channel level constant before or after the machine in order to avoid floods or overflows.
The operating levels and hydrostatic loads are decided and studied in the design phase in agreement with the customer.
The carpentry is built in hot-dip galvanized S235JR steel, the structure is designed and sized specifically to withstand the maximum hydrostatic load and the sections are reinforced by the ribs.
The seals are made with Epdm rubber and fixed to the carpentry by means of screws and claws. The machine has a main shield, also called a lens, which is curved and shaped in such a way that the water head does not affect the opening and closing operations. The machine has floats positioned and sized ad hoc to manage the opening and closing of the lens when the fluid reaches the desired level. The floats and counterweights are adjustable.
Each machine is calibrated and adjusted on site in order to guarantee the achievement of the parameters identified by the customer.
The gates are made according to customer specifications. The company reserves the right to make technical changes without notice.


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