Vulcanization lines in a salt bath



La linea di Vulcanizzazione in Bagno di Sali è adatta a prodotti che richiedono la vulcanizzazione in assenza di ossigeno. The line is made up of modules of different lengths according to the customer’s needs. The salt tank heating system always uses DMA technology also applied to the other vulcanization lines, always guaranteeing very high yields and low energy consumption.

– Input module
Module of variable length from 3 to 10 meters consisting of a bed of molten salt above which the profile floats. A particular rain system creates a chamber with very low oxygen content suitable for the first pre-vulcanization phase.

– Roller conveyor in a salt bath
Module of variable length from 5 to 30 meters consisting of a series of rotating rollers that force the profile to advance always immersed in the molten salt. The speed of the rollers is adjustable according to the type of profile to be vulcanized from 1 to 50 m / min, the operating temperature of the salt up to 300 ° C.

Pre-cleaning station
In this module, the first mechanical cleaning of the molten salt from the rubber profile takes place. The module can be fully inspected through an automatically opening door.

– Washing station
In this module of variable length from 5 to 15 meters, the molten salt is cleaned from the rubber profile by spraying water at high pressure or by immersing the profile in water.
This station is complete with tanks for recirculation, filling and discharge of contaminated water in automatic mode, system for saving the consumption of mains water, drying group by means of blowing with pressurized air.

– Salt loading tank
In this tank the salt is loaded which will be used to feed and maintain the level of the same throughout the line in a totally automatic mode. The tank is equipped with a salt melting and in-line pumping system.


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